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TRUSTIVE: Low-cost, International WiFi Access

Step 1/3: Select your WiFi Pass

Prepaid accounts

If you need WiFi access occasionally or for a finite period of time (for example during an overseas trip), choose a WiFi pass from the list below for great value with no long term commitment:

  • Includes 150 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 1 month from first use
  • Includes 600 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 6 months from first use
  • Includes 2000 minutes WiFi access
  • Valid 6 months from first use
  • Only 0.04€ per minute!

Monthly subscriptions

Frequent travellers who rely heavily on WiFi to stay connected whilst on the move should choose a WiFi pass from the list below in order to get the best possible value for money:

  • Monthly subscription account
  • Includes 7 hours access per month
  • 1 month notice of cancellation after
    6 month minimum contract period

Step 2/3: Setup your account

Billing information

This information will be used when generating your invoice. Fields in bold are mandatory.

Will be used to send your credentials

Payment details

Please choose your preferred payment method from the list below and complete all fields carefully. Fields in bold are mandatory.

Credit card number without whitespace. Eg: 1234567890123456

* The cvc2 code is the last three numbers on the back of your credit card, or the four numbers on the front of your AMEX card.

Please read and agree with Trustive's customer agreement:

Use of Trustive's services is governed by Trustive's customer agreement and by purchasing a Trustive account and/or downloading any of Trustive's WiFi clients, you agree to the terms and conditions therein.